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Originally Posted by M&P15T View Post
You really think that we can actually win? You believe we should concede nothing, and go ahead and lose much, much more, do you?
Yes, and no. Obviously you missed this post:
Originally Posted by RussP View Post
Who in this thread said that there will be no compromise? Quote who said there will be no compromise. Of course there will be.

What I and others said is that we should not and we can not afford to go into negotiations carrying a cornucopia of compromise and gift it to the other side.

These are extremely high stakes negotiations, way above your pay grade. You do not begin by divulging your game plan. You do not make the first sacrifice. The blood spilled will only draw more predators.

Yes, there will be compromise. That is why it will be ultra-critical that the negotiation team that will build the plan is the very best, the strongest, the most experienced available. It should contain no one who brings automatic capitulation to the table.

Sheesh, did you really believe we thought there would be no compromises? Where the hell did you get that from? Don't answer, that was rhetorical...
Did you?
Originally Posted by M&P15T View Post
You're willing to let the 2A get absolutely creamed, instead of taking the route of some sort of much less damaging concession?

Please, do that with your 2A, not mine. I'd rather take a small hit, than a massive crushing of our rights.

See how our basic perspectives are worlds about?
The difference between your world and our world is reality. You believe those seeking control of all firearms will accept your token offer and go away. That is not what will happen.

Feinstein will submit her package. Pro 2nd Amendment individuals and groups will reject every point. Then talks will begin in committee. We will have to keep rejecting every anti proposal with irrefutable facts about how nothing in the proposal will impact gun violence. They will counter with emotion riddled rhetoric.

Compromise will not, should not enter the discussion for several days. Might the NICS requirement be an early casualty? Who knows? But, I would not offer it up Day 1.
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