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It seems we are at times our own worst enemies. When we bicker among ourselves over semantics and theories of explanations. Can we all agree that if we stick to facts, followed by logic, both stated calmly, we gain much more ground?

Example: While getting coffee at the local convenience store this morning the man next to me (a stranger) asked if Santa was good to me this year. I stated he was and that I got a better gun safe for Christmas. He said he wished the mother in CT had been as safe about her firearms and I agreed.

He then said, "But I do think they should ban automatic rifles." I asked if he had a minute. And then told him (calmly) that automatic guns are already regulated so tightly that there are very few in the publics hands. And that the guns used in these highly publicized shootings are semi-automatics and explained the difference. Also explaining to him they are used for hunting, sport shooting, competition shooting and home defense. And that under 2% of these type of guns are used in homicides.

He said he didn't know that and thanked me. I said feel free to look it up as I let him in line in front of me to pay for the coffee. He then held the door for me and we went on our merry ways.

My point is facts and logic stated calmly will work.
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