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Originally Posted by Averageman View Post
For them to win, you have to quit.

If you say a Big Ol' F. U. to gun control, who is going to be there to stop you? Are they going to line up Leftists to go door to door to gather up your guns?

I live in Texas, our Governor carries a damn gun when he goes jogging. Now who is going to convince him he needs to toe the line because Diane Feinstien put up some legislation?

Look here is the way to fix it.

Demand that those who hate your guns come and take them. Don't send the poor local Cops or the Fed's or some poor Spc Four from Idaho who was pulled from Afghanistan for this. Lets get some Birkenstock wear Patchouli smelling liberal hippies to go door to door with David Gregory in the lead.

They can show up in any neighborhood in Texas and demand that those legal gun owners turn over their property, well because,..ummmm it offends their sensibilities.

See how easy that works?

Hell I will even donate blood!
So you think we should threaten folks with death should they attempt to enforce anti-gun legislation.

Well, now this thread has taken a whole new tack.
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