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Originally Posted by M&P15T View Post
Discussing the Gun Show Loop Hole....especially with Russ.
No, we are not discussing your perceived 'Gun Show Loop Hole'. You began with conceding to the antis the condition that any firearm buyer at a gun show be subjected to a mandatory NICS background check regardless of whether it is an FFL seller or a non-FFL seller. You believe giving that away to the antis will cause them to drop all other requests for bans, restrictions and regulations.

I and many others pointed out the fallacies in your plan. The main fallacy being as evidenced by Feinstein's now published plan, they are, demanding everything from before plus some.

A discussion of the non-existent gun show loop hole would include BATFE definitions and regulations, collectors selling privately owned firearms, stuff like that.

That isn't the topic.
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