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Originally Posted by RussP View Post
Just my observations based on your comments.

Never said you are a liberal.

Your offer to compromise is the reparation (not reparition). You do not see it? You are giving away something of extreme value to satiate and quieten those screaming for gun bans, restrictions and regulations and their supporters. Okay, lets not call it a reparation. Lets call it a plea bargain. You'll admit to a lesser crime and accept that penalty in exchange for no other penalties being levied. How's that?

Well, one person committed each of the crimes. I will accept neither the responsibility nor punishment for an act for which I was not responsible.

You say you do not feel responsible, yet you are more than willing to give up a component of YOUR 2nd Amendment Right because someone else violated several laws.

Yes, we do not see things the same.In what capacity were you in the Oval Office and at lunch?

What is advance work?Okay, you know nothing about the politics up there in NoVA, yet you understand enough about politicians to know they will do whatever is necessary to get reelected.

On that last part we agree.

It is also why you, me, everyone needs to apply more rock hard pressure on those elected officials NOW. Remind them of their Oath of Office every day.

Or, just wait until the testimony begins...
I get it.

You still think we can win.

Good luck with that.

See ya in a few months.
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