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Originally Posted by brickboy240 View Post
The WWII Italian M-38 Carcano.

Seriously....shoot one and you will all of a sudden think the JFK conspiracy folks are some very sane people! way Oswald made those shots with one of these crappy rifles.

What were the Italians thinking? So close to Oberndorf and their allies were using Mausers. Why this POS?

Horse puckey.

I have one that I hit melon sized targets with at the same distance as Oswald and I was using iron sights from a bench. I did that when I was a teen at my Father's insistence while I was going through a "conspiracy" phase that I quickly outgrew.

Dad insisted I know what I was talking about when I opened my yap, and we had a Carcano that was a family "bring back" heirloom.
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