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Originally Posted by G29Reload View Post
This is on my list for 2013 also. A solar project. Just had to pull wires for a new receptacle in the kitchen, while I was at it pulled a spare line, runs from attic to basement. Gonna pipe in a solar panel and connect up a battery bank.
Nice, thats half the work right there. Mounting the panels and getting all the materials cost me about $250 for a handful of 12V 30W solar panels, a controller, and an 800W DC/AC power converter. I ended up getting my hands on the SLA batteries by calling in a few favors. It powers a mini-fridge, small microwave, 4 x High Output LED lamps, 2 x 36 LED Strips, walk-about charger, small flat screen and an emergency sat radio. I'm hoping to increase the batt bank and add the transfer switch so that I can run 3 living room outlets, 3 bedroom outlets, plus 2 x 220V appliances sparingly. I haven't had a problem of any kind and generally works like a champ.

Good luck in your endeavors!
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