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Originally Posted by Gallium View Post
So what we are seeing is, you have not sat and thought hard enough about all of the "what ifs" that can turn your day into "oh crap".

  • What if you are in your garage, which is attached to your house, and some guy sticks a knife in your neck as soon as you strap on your seat belt?
  • What if every other layer of security failed (dogs, alarm, door) you step out the bedroom with your rifle and dude gets you in a bear hug?
In short, if I am physically fighting with someone - especially someone larger and stronger than I am, and ESPECIALLY if there is more than one of them, I DO NOT WANT my go to percussive gun to be a long gun...
You're right. Eat more red meat, hit the weight room, learn the basic 5 pressure points of striking.

Seriously though, I have met 4 people who go to the bathroom (in their house) with a firearm. They are all from either Montana or Texas.
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