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Originally Posted by cowboywannabe View Post
when these so called pro gun rights reps here more from the media than they do from their voters this is what happens.

when the democrats lost the house after voting for the last AWB was it because of their vote for the ban or something else? clinton thought it was because they voted for the ban.

reps need to be reminded of this.
General attitude is that voting for the 1994 AWB cost the Dems the House & Senate. But you are looking towards the past (1993) and trying to use that example to see the future (20 years later in 2013).

The country has changed. Public attitudes have changed. How much I cannot say, but I believe it is enough that the anti-gunners do not fear a repeat 1994, of mass seat-loss in the House & Senate.

I believe the elected representatives fear the opposite, that they will get removed from office if they do not vote for the coming anti-gun legislation.

It is also important to note, that back when the original AWB passed in 1993, firearms like the AR15 and AK47 were not being used in high-publicity mass shootings like they have been recently.

If anti-gun legislation, (supposedly) focused on "Assault Weapons", could be passed back in 1993 when ARs & AKs were NOT being used in such shootings as they are today, why do we think another AWB of some sort cannot be passed now that they are? How about how much worse the media bias and reporting is now, versus 1993?

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