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Originally Posted by Rabbi View Post
Again, Much of Europe...

We have actual results vs. your opinion on how that would play out here.

I actually agree with you but what you fail to see is, to an on the fence party, who is looking at results vs. the feelings of pro gun people, well, we look like a damned fool in the eyes of most people.

In the face of facts, your untested opinions dont mean much to most people. You must chew on this truth no matter how you feel about the issue, and in particular, how you feel about people who dont see it your way.
That fact might be explained by the U.S. having such a high percentage of kids living in a single parent (mostly mothers only) household. Over 70% of black kids. I remember reading that if you took single parent childhood out of the equation, the prison population would be equal among whites and blacks. It would make an interesting study.

That might not be what the liberal would want to hear.
The politicians added another $4.8 billion to our debt today.
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