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Originally Posted by M&P15T View Post
I get you want to be insulting. I expect nothing less at this point. Plus, of course, you can get away with it, because you're a mod.

I'm not a liberal. I do not want to pay the survivors reparitions or any such non-sense like that. I do not feel responsible for what others have done.

I simply look at this situation completely differently than you do.

I have been in this area for long enough to understand the people. I have been in the Oval Office, and not as part of some tour. I have had lunch at the White House in the Senior Dining Room. I did advance work for Bush Sr. speaking engagments in Michigan in 1987.

I know enough about elected officials to be scared by their lack of morals and back-bone.
then you know their first job is to get elected and their second job is to get re-elected. that wont happen with many who vote for additional gun rights violations.

their choice is to do whats popular with the media or whats popular with those whose votes keep them in their cushey jobs.
with Sarah Jane, Leela, Romana, Nyssa, and Tegan.

Facts are no match against enthusiasm and ignorance...

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