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Originally Posted by RussP View Post
And what will you be doing in those intervening months? Join the NRA? Join the VCDL? Constantly communicate with your Representative and Senator? Quell the lies being pawned off on the masses you want to quell? What are you going to be doing?
All of the above.

I'm not going to stop fighting, but I do not believe we can win. I didn't think Romney was going to win, but it didn't stop me from voting for him, or attempting to convince everyone I kew that they should vote for him too.

I believe Sandy Hook is going to crush us.

I am waiting for the debates to start to start in the House and Senate. We WILL see the anti-gunners bring out the Mothers and Fathers of the lost children of Sandy Hook. This WILL get them the votes they need to pass legislation. Because the constituency will see those people on live, national TV, and they will call their elected representatives screaming for gun-control.

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