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Originally Posted by Gallium View Post
I assume you don't mean an active shooter incident where the shooter has a long gun. I assume what you mean is if legislation is passed to confiscate these types of long guns, he is saying they won't do it.

If this is what you mean, I am here to tell you this is not how police business works. If they don't follow a directive to seize a gun, what happens? Charges might be made against them.

If they don't seize a gun, and the owner goes nutz, and shoots up a mall, not only liability becomes an issue, but vicarious liability for that agency and its supervisors/administrators.

There is no history of police in the NE (particularly NY, CT and NJ NOT implementing those types of arrests. The reality is, some of those arrests are rungs for promotion.

NO I am talking of trying to apprehend someone who is known to have a weapons cache. He flat out stated that he and some fellow officers will not risk their lives for that.
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