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Originally Posted by M&P15T View Post
I get it Russ.

You're playing word games. Like we're 7 years old.

I asked you if you thought there was going to be anti-gun legislation passed, and you answered that there was going to be anti-gun legislation. Not that it would necessarily be passed, just that there would be legislation presented.

In other words, you DO NOT think anti-gun legislation is going to be passed.

Go it.

Now I understand your perspective. You simply do not believe anti-gun legislation is going to be passed. Therefore, you do not think any compromise should be necessary.

Then just drop it Russ. Since you do not believe that anti-gun legislation will be passed, then you are correct. There is absolutely no reason to compromise on anything.

I myself DO believe that anti-gun legislation IS going to be passed. I believe is it completely un-avoidable. So there's no point in you and I discussing this any further. We are not starting at the some point.
There will be legislation presented. Whether it is passed, or in what form it will be passed depends on our success fighting any legislation presented. The fight needs to begin at the grass roots level. We have to attack the anti-gun side hard and constantly and continually. There can be no let up. If your hear an untruth, quote it and provide the truth and send it to your legislator, House or Senate. Send a letter to the editor of your newspaper comparing the truth and the untruth. Hit them hard and hit them often.

You are willing to admit defeat before the face to face begins. That is not my style and it seems many here agree with me.
Freedom has a taste to those who fight and almost die, that the protected will never know.

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