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Originally Posted by M&P15T View Post
Then you disagree with me. Fine.
You have never been in high profile, high stakes negotiations with the most powerful financial institutions in this country and abroad involving assets valued in the $100s of millions of dollars all under the scrutiny of the SEC, bank regulators and bond rating companies have you?

No one comes to the table offering anything. Everyone comes to the table ready to demand more to enhance their position. And everyone has the option to close their briefcase and leave if the demand by the other side was not offset by concessions on their part.

I did close my briefcase on two such demands. The total asset value was over a third of a billion dollars. I have a little more experience winning these types of situations than you do.

By the way, the two deals did ultimately close with my side earning quite a bit more than originally scheduled.

So, you may disagree with me, if you want. But, right now, I do not see anyone jumping onto your parade float.
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