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Originally Posted by RussP View Post
Never said that. See the above post. Simply put, fight hard at the grass roots level through personal contact with legislators and contact through state, regional and multiple national organizations. Do not limit your efforts to working through the NRA, which you admit you do not belong to.
I get it Russ.

You're playing word games. Like we're 7 years old.

I asked you if you thought there was going to be anti-gun legislation passed, and you answered that there was going to be anti-gun legislation. You did not say it would be passed, you just meant that there would be legislation presented.

In other words, you DO NOT think anti-gun legislation is going to be passed.

Go it.

Now I understand your perspective. You do not believe anti-gun legislation is going to be passed, you think there will be a fight and we can/will win it. Therefore, you do not think any compromise should be necessary.

Then just drop it Russ. Since you do not believe that anti-gun legislation absolutely will be passed, then you are correct. There is no reason to compromise on anything.

I myself DO believe that anti-gun legislation IS going to be passed. I believe is it completely un-avoidable. I believe that the only way to minimize the damage, is to compromise So there's no point in you and I discussing this any further. We are not starting at the same point.

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