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I understand that is what you believe. I do NOT believe that at all, no way, no how. False. When you go in to negotiate, you do not go in offering any compromise up front.

The NRA is not going to be as positively influential as you think. You do not even belong to the NRA. What influence would you want the NRA to bring on Legislators?

If a legislator responds in agreement with the nasty NRA, his or her constituents will hang them. If they vote responding to grass root input from us through VCDL and like kind groups, not the NRA, they are responding to the people. Again, the NRA is not in the best position to control the specifics in legislation. Your Representative and Senator here in Virginia will cast the votes. Work on Warner, especially. By the way, have you joined the VCDL yet?The 'Health Care Industry' is not one group, one organization. It is comprised of many large and small groups, special interest groups, who brought their wish lists to the table and to House and Senate hearings. Do you believe there will be in depth hearings?Yes, but not behind the NRA. The NRA should be only one small part of the process. State organizations like VCDL should be working with Representatives and Senators to present our case to Congress.
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Since you believe that anti-gun legislation IS GOING TO PASS,
Never said that.
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what should be our next move?
See the above post. Simply put, fight hard at the grass roots level through personal contact with legislators and contact through state, regional and multiple national organizations. Do not limit your efforts to working through the NRA, which you admit you do not belong to.
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