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Originally Posted by ridethelink View Post
Time to buy a new truck for personal use.Is this time of year good? I am going to drive and compare Toyota's full size, Ford F150 and Chevrolet/Gmc. Any reason to buy a 2013 over a 2012?. I want the best quality as I will be traveling in it quite a bit and ride comfort and performance are important.
You will save a little (~$500) by buying a 2012 now, over a 2013. There may also be some savings in taxes and insurance over the years you have the earlier model year. But, it may be offset by the higher resale value of the later model year. Once it's paid off, wouldn't you rather have a one year newer model?

I have an '03 Tundra, it'll probably be another 5 years before I seriously think about a new one. We're looking to replace my wife's older Toy sedan with a 4x4 Highlander. The Toyota sale now includes 0%, 60 month financing. Would like to hear from the car sales experts how we can save additionally off the out the door price.
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