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Originally Posted by SFCSMITH(RET) View Post
Well, it seems that between today and the last time I did organized PT ('97) I seem to have gained a couple pounds. So my main prep goal that is "new" is going to be to lose those pounds, and get back more of my aerobic capacity.. The work around the house and woods has kept me in better shape than many my age, but, 1-2 hours a day of pure workout will do much better. May even get back to Mt. Biking regular.. though I doubt I will be as aggressive as I used to be. Chicks dig scars and all.. but I got a keeper already..

(and yes, I checked with my DR. before starting a new exercise regimen at my "advanced age". he laughed and said no problem..)
Good post. Physical fitness should be a BIG part of anyone's 'prep plan'. All the preps in the world won't replace physical fitness. Lots of good ways to train out there; Strong lifts 5x5, P90X, Insanity etc. All it takes is commitment.
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