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Originally Posted by cowboywannabe View Post
thats what i thought youd have no past examples of what you tout would happen later.
When did I state there were previous examples?

I am very aware that it's impossible to stop anti-gunners with compromise. I am very aware that people like Feinstein and her rabid anti-gun supporters would take everything away if they could, I get that.

Take careful note. I have asked two, very specific questions. And yet not one person responding in this thread has deigned to answer them. I find this very odd. It's as if people are afraid to consider the possibility that anti-gun legislation is going to be passed, as if discussing it will make it happen. Therefore, we can't have a logical discussion on the topic.

So I'll ask you very directly, and very specifically:

Do you believe that anti-gun legislation IS going to pass? Do you believe there is no avoiding the passing of some sort of anti-gun legislation?

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