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Originally Posted by cowboywannabe View Post
didnt we control the house when obama care was pushed through?

didnt the scotus change obama care so that it fell as a tax instead?

didnt obama use executive orders to change a lot of things while he holds the office?

do you still believe that the house of reps will stay conservative?

do you still believe the scotus will stand by the constitution and not revise it?

do you still believe obama wont threaten others with executive orders and other things?

dont be naive about the levels the democrats will sink to in order to get their way and change America from made it great.
Wow, for starters don't you remember Speaker Pelosi telling everyone they needed to vote for 0bamacare to see what's inside it? No, the Dems controlled the House and Senate and it was passed without a single Republican vote.

The SCOTUS said the penalty was a tax, and Congress had the authority to levy taxes. The Penalty was the question before them. They also said the States couldn't be blackmailed into expanding their Medicaid. I guess that part of their decision went right over your head too?

0bma hasn't changed much with executive orders. They aren't an unlimited power.

The House is standing pretty firm on the Fiscal Cliff. The Pubbies know they'll never get reelected if they throw guns under the bus.

SCOTUS doesn't have the power to revise the Constitution. Only Congress does, with a supermajority and it also requires a supermajority ratification by a majority of states. You really don't know how our government works judging by your questions.
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