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At this point it looks like wearing suspenders with a Kydex holster at 5:00 on a leather belt will do it. Did I get that right?

I really don't want to wear suspenders. I am using a web belt which actually seems to work well when I tighten it properly. I wasn't complaining or blaming the High Noon holster. I really like it (It's the "Bare Asset" model leather cowhide) and it is a great product. It works as it is supposed to.

I just wanted to distinguish between the fact my holster was new leather and not a Kydex type. It looks like the new, different belt might be the answer. And it's not uncomfortable. it's just that tightening the belt holds the gun a bit tight, that's all.

For now I am going to go with "tighten the belt and draw with authority!" to see if all loosens up with a little more time. Then, if that fails, I'll go get a better, gun belt from a quality maker of such.

Thanks to all for the input and suggestions.
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