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Originally Posted by OlliesRevenge View Post
Dude, you have a violent imagination. Having a knife stuck in my neck just for putting on my seat belt... would particularly suck! Maybe the guy just hates seat belts?

Seriously though, that's a lot of "what ifs". I don't even feel like I disagree with you enough to want to split those hairs. But to be fair I feel like you are largely ignoring my original caveat of -- "if there were a rifle or shotgun available".

Stay safe, and watch your neck!

  • I did not mean your skin was pierced by the knife . Think of the analogy of a gun being stuck in your neck.
  • I didn't ignore your original caveat. There are times where rifles or shotguns (using your restriction of inside the home) are LESS practical and useful that handguns, edged weapons or even hands.
We should always seek to match not only the proper tool to the situation, but also our mindset to the tool and the scenario. I see so many dudes with knives on their persons, and they can't handle cutting off the head of a chicken, killing a pig (you know, where bacon comes from) or gutting a deer. How do they plan to use that knife up close and personal on another human being if they have no stomach for wounding or killing someone in breathing space?

Follow the advice of the gent that posted above me. Think think think all the time about what ifs. Visualize some nasty crap popping up on you as you walk around a corner, as you walk into a 7/11, that accident where someone ran in your back and the car in front of you slows down inexplicably.
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