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Originally Posted by Short Cut View Post
or considering it at least? What are you carrying or considering?

My typical load-out is a 1911 and 2 spare mags, which totals 25 rounds of 10MM or .45ACP. Lately I've been thinking about resurrecting an older G20, having the grip shaped at a 1911 angle and putting some new night sights on it. Maybe get a more concealable holster for it too.

With 2 mags my round count goes from 25 to 46. I'm probably more likely to get struck by lighting than face and active shooter scenario like we've been seeing, but I've been thinking that having a heavy load-out sorted out ahead of time for dicier situations may not be a bad idea.
Not a chance, way too much weight. A .45 round weighs approx. 1 oz. You start with a heavy gun then add another gun+ with all that ammo.

I'll stick with my 13+1 G23 or even the 10+1 G26 if I really want to go light.
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