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Originally Posted by cowboywannabe View Post
i have to question your intellegence on this matter you say youre very well versed on when you mention giving up a gun right now to stop their assault on our rights in the future.

you were either born yesterday or you are that stupid.
I would try and explain it to you, but I have tried this in the past, and folks here just cannot grasp the entire picture.

Originally Posted by RussP View Post
Everyone, M&P15T has been discussing his "compromise" theory in several threads. He gets the same response in every one of them.

Gun show loop hole??

The Big Picture

I'm just gonna ask one question
Russ here is a clear demonstration of folk's in-ability to grasp what is happening.

Many, many pages........and no understanding.

Oh well.

It's obvious it's a waste of time.
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