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Originally Posted by Kegs View Post

... SO a Mangalista is an invasive species,

... but poor rules should be reconsidered, do you not agree?

... I hope somehow this case miraculously continues and is ruled on because it appears Mark's case has more merit than meets the eye.
I think pure Mangalistas are not considered an invasive species. Pure Mangalitsa of Okemos Michigan raises them. But I think his problem is his pigs are not pure Mangalistas but are cross bred with Russian which I think he affirmed. That is why they are considering his pigs to be an invasive species.

I think the rule is OK but the execution was poor on both sides. There should have been some accommodation reached that would have allowed him to dispose of his stock at a profit and transitioned his stock to something legal. This has been coming for a long time and should not have been a surprise.

It is a shame that the case wasn't ruled on much earlier, and unfortunate he couldn't manage to reach an accommodation with the DNR that would have avoided going to court and avoided him losing his livestock investment. Usually when you sue a government agency, even if you win you lose. Being a broke martyr isn't much satisfaction.
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