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Originally Posted by OlliesRevenge View Post
Dude, you have a violent imagination. Having a knife stuck in my neck just for putting on my seat belt... would particularly suck! Maybe the guy just hates seat belts?

Seriously though, that's a lot of "what ifs". I don't even feel like I disagree with you enough to want to split those hairs. But to be fair I feel like you are largely ignoring my original caveat of -- "if there were a rifle or shotgun available".

Stay safe, and watch your neck!
It is called a survivor's mindset. It is no uncommon to think of scenarios in your head and logic out what would probably work less. That is typically the difference between people who freeze up and panic and those who act.

People who freeze up are useless and a danger to themselves and others, or at the very least an obsticle in the middle of the problem to be overcome to solve the problem.

You have a split second to make a decision-right, wrong, or indfifferent. The fun part is you have to spend forever justifying that split second reaction to peers. It is even more fun in a society where the unwashed and smelly have cell phone cams, that they edit heavily later to make it say whatever they want.
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