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Originally Posted by tarpleyg View Post
Great attitude. How will you feel when they force you to go to a car dealer to sell your car to another person? What you fail to understand is that the people who want controls like this want TOTAL control over everything you do and they won't stop until they get it. Attitudes like yours make it that much easier.

You state all of that as if you are not preaching to the choir.

The people to be concerned about right now are not the rabid anti-gunners like Feinstein, that would repeal the 2A if they could.

No, the people we need to be concerned about right now are the folks that normally don't care about guns and gun control one way or another, but are freaking out over Sandy Hook.

Those are the people that are giving the rabid anti-gunners their temporary political ability to get anti-gun legislation passed.

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