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One guy shows up with 22 handguns in his trunk and takes $50-100 each for them? And I'm sure there is a no questions asked policy that goes with this process. See, that's how libs think. It's ok to let a known criminal/murderer walk away...with cash in hand, tax payer cash BTW, just to have that warm fuzzy feeling knowing that there's one less gun on the street. Fools. I wonder how many of those guns were stolen from law abiding citizens? How many were used in crimes? How many used in murders? How many ex-felons were paid to hand over a gun they they couldn't legally posess? The bad guys laugh at this BS. They just got paid to hand over a gun that could convict them with zero consiquences. What a joke. It's hard to fathom that the mayor's of three of the biggest cities in this country (New York, L.A. and Chicago) are three of the biggest bafoons out there.
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