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Originally Posted by Kegs View Post
The baiting ban did nothing to prevent any deer diseases. This was yet another order that was destructive to our economy that was based on poor logic. It is lifted now finally, but lifting it does not bring the economy back.
Wow. Talk about head in the sand. The bait bad has helped. The animals don't go nose to nose in the mass numbers they used to. Back in the mid 90s when TB was just starting to hit hard. You could see 50+ deer on a bait pile. Tell me that doesn't help spread a disease that is spread by nose to nose contact.

I started out hating the bait ban. And years later I hope they never allow baiting again.

And yes, the farmers took a hit. It really sucked. But just think how much you would be screaming if a few cattle ranches or pig farms had to destroy their entire herd due to TB. Then disinfecting everything.
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