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Originally Posted by sjfrellc View Post
I suspect the DNR has labeled his Mangalitsas as invasive species and they have every right to do so.
SO a Mangalista is an invasive species, but another species of the same genus of the same pig is not, yet it is not indigenous and if it is let loose will exhibit the exact same behavior. How is that logical exactly?

Not only that, there is probably some thought that the Russian boars he admitted to having could have cross bred. If he wants to raise sus scrofa rather than sus domestica, he really doesn't have a legal basis to argue that.
I would say that legal basis is the right to farm - this is a gray area actually if you think about it.

Granted, it would be nice if he had a legal way to take his pigs to the market, but rules are rules.
but poor rules should be reconsidered, do you not agree?

I feel sorry for the hole he dug, but it is not a goverrnment conspiracy, but an attempt to prevent widespread damage to the agricultural and wildlife habitat of Michigan in the future.

The DNR does have authority to enforce these matters very similar the the prevention of CWD in the deer population.
The baiting ban did nothing to prevent any deer diseases. This was yet another order that was destructive to our economy that was based on poor logic. It is lifted now finally, but lifting it does not bring the economy back.

Can you imagine how you would have felt if you owned and operated a small feed business and stocked up on 100 yards of potatoes, beets and carrots and then the DNR came out with an order that baiting was outlawed?

This actually happened.

I cut all of the DNR rhetoric out of your post - which is exactly what it is. They obviously used this rhetoric to cover up their real intent - which remains to come to full light at this point.

I hope somehow this case miraculously continues and is ruled on because it appears Mark's case has more merit than meets the eye.
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