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Devils Advocate... says Yes to the Idea

Excuse me, would you please co-sign on my unalieanable right? I need to get one or two more signatures from authorized respondants and have it notarized later and then apply to the local gendarmes to see if they have time to process my background check, consult with my doctor, look into my electronic medical history report, public school reports (the permanent record!!!), income tax returns for the last 12 years and of course pay them the fee... (call it mission creep)

Sounds like a GREAT idea to me.

Will it prevent homicidal maniacs from having guns?

In a word, No.

He (homicidal maniac) will just steal one from you... or me... or his parents... who went thru hell to be allowed to buy it.

Or maybe, after passing said checks and signatories, next week or next month or year, he'll become depressed, start drinking or popping pills, get fired from his job, lose girlfriend, his dog will bite him or die, become morose, decide to go out in a blaze of dark immortal glory... in a gun free zone.

Let me repeat that last line... IN A GUN FREE ZONE

Should we try to prevent these wack jobs from having guns? It does sound good at face value.

Once we identify them, they should give up their liberty and freedom, right? But how to do that? Look at their middle school and high school records and see if they "didn't fit in" with the rest of the clicques of cool kids? Uh, oh. That "Permanent Record" we all heard about as teens. Or laughed about. (it does exist BTW) Did they sit on the bench in the Deans office daily? (all gun free zones)

Or should I be judged as a potential homicidal maniac and have to prove my sanity and maybe post a $100,000 bond and buy some more insurance coverage to help pay for those who do run amok as part of the affordable health care act? (Now there's a thought!)

There is no one Pat answer to fit all, tho' I expect Uncle Joe and Daddy Barry to come up with one. Here's hoping Uncle Harry won't let it hit the floor of the Senate and Cryin Johnny will do the same across the hallway, until the people have a chance to at least see what it is we'll probably have forced down our throats. I'm sure it will be common sensical... and not stop crime whatsoever.

Kudos to your nephew for brainstorming the issue though. Seriously. Glad someone is besides our deep thinking VP Joe Biden. Tell him to keep coming up with alternative ideas, but try to keep liberty and freedom at the forefront, or at least somewhere in the equation?
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