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Originally Posted by Hauptmann6 View Post
Check the Michigan hunting forums. People have been seeing them north of Midland and a few places in the thumb. And someplace on the west side. There has been kills too.
A few killed piggies that escaped from a local pen is not "widespread damage" which is what the DNR is claiming. This is not a problem such as in TX or HI where pigs are rampaging everything everywhere.

This entire issue has nothing to do with controlling the wild pigs. That's the way the state of Michigan is selling it, but the purpose is far different than their sales pitch.

If this suit continues forward and we are allowed to see the workings of the government, I assure you people will not be pleased - this is why the judge has issued the gag order on the case and why its not being broadcast by news agencies.

I am really hoping the truth of this matter comes out so that everyone can see yet another attempt by our glorious leadership toward the fleecing of the people.

The Michigan DNR can call anything it wants "feral" and "invasive" apparently - whats next? Huskies? Cats? All people of non-indigenous race?

Seriously, the DNR has overextended its authority on this matter by issuing a directive that is not logically based and uses the term "feral" incorrectly.

At the same time period, Monsanto comes out with a genetically modified pig...hmmm, wonder if it could be a coincidence?

Look, I don't know all the info on this situation. One thing I do know however is that these DNR directives on non-baiting and kill all your swine, etc. are destructive on our economy and do not protect nor conserve the natural resources.

If the DNR writes a directive, it should be penalizing those farmers who fail to secure their fences properly, not penalizing the whole for something an individual or two did. This is ludicrous.
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