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Originally Posted by Caver 60 View Post
Perhaps try a good leather gun belt? My problem isn't drawing the pistol. My holster keeps it easy to draw, no matter what. It's the fact I'm a little overweight (5' 8" and 165 pounds) and I have no hips.

So if I don't chinch it down tight enough I have to keep pulling my pants up. If it's too tight the pressure gets to my waist. I refuse to wear suspenders, although I'm sure that would solve the problem.

Your problem is that your belt isn't very good;

A good, purpose made gun belt makes all the difference in the will provide the support that the gun and holster needs without you having to cinch it so tight that you are uncomfortable....I cannot tell you how many times I have had this conversation with people, and when they finally get a real gun belt they come back and tell me "I get it now".....

There are some good belt makers out there, but if you are going to do it, I say do it right, and get the best the firs time out; I'm running a Beltman belt, and while he is not cheap, his stuff is the best there is....
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