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Originally Posted by Green Mountain Boy View Post
No I don't reload at the present time however a G29 or G20 were in my sights. Parros has just about every glock imaginable in stock so I figure a trip there this weekend might end in the ownership of a new safe child.

Going to get into reloading this year BTW.

Regards, GMB
Yes Parros was very well stocked the last time I was in and while it's always great to pick up a new gun or Glock, I would recommend you seriously think about a Dillon loader.

I was in Datillios yesterday and he was just notified by his distributer that along with 223/.556 allotment,9 mm was now on allotment also. He was in a scramble to get a hold of another distributor to get more 9 mm in stock.

The sooner you start reloading the sooner you take control of your ammunition supply.

Think on it Seriously. SJ 40
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