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Originally Posted by NickC50310 View Post
Or have a system where private sellers can do a background check easily via the internet for a nominal fee. Im all for it as long as there is no registry and if it will get them away from any sort of bans.

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I see no way it can be enforced without a registry.
My attitude is that such would be directly contrary to the 2nd amendment. From where would the federal government take the lawful power to impose such a restriction?

Those here at GT who have in the past argued in favor of the federal government's authority to impose such "reasonable restrictions", do you see now the slippery slope here?

OP, the would-be answer to your question straight from the monster's mouth:

June 28, 2012: the day the American republic died.

Uncontrolled, unaccountable government spending + Graduated income-tax = SLAVERY

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