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Originally Posted by SAR View Post
Never had a problem like you describe, but our policy prohibits us from loading less lethal into any of our regular service shotguns. Our less lethal only goes into our old Ithaca Model 37s with bright green furniture. The Model 37's don't have a floorplate so we don't have the same type of issues that can happen with a Remington 870. Even without the loading issues, I would suggest setting aside a less lethal weapon and putting distinctive markings on it.
I have, they (command) won't let me.

Regarding the malfunction - its not a feed issue. Its a loading issue, which is odd. I can load tube after tube of dummy rounds without problem. But, I have seen (and had reported to me) multiple issues of physically loading more than 4 rounds of the Super Sock in a tube.

I'm thinking its a weight issue. I'm going to bring in my calipers and scale to measure the rounds, and compare them to loaded and dummy ammo. Ill post back, and maybe we can figure this one out. In the meantime, if anyone has heard of this issue with this ammo, let me know.
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