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Originally Posted by Pierre! View Post
And... AND....

Then, let's take that info, put it in an Online Database so that it's easy to get to...

Yah, that makes a whole lot of sense!!!

Sure, they promise that this will run on an Apple computer which is *impervious* to attack.



Maybe Morals, Accountability, and Responsibility should be taught instead of Empowerment for those who haven't Earned it yet...

Naaaawww ... That would never work.


So your going to teach morals, accountability, and responsibility to someone with Schizo disorders, Dissociative or Bi-Polar disorders, anti-social behaviors or any of the major 'manias'. Everyone of which have a break in basic empathy towards other people. In short you can't teach this or reach these people.

You have a background check done when you purchase your firearm, I would include an actual 'crazy' portion. You and I don't need access to it, nor does the public, but the FBI handles 99% of the information, this would simply get tacked on.

I'm talking about a realistic approach to curtailing a problem.

Prior to the shooting rampage at an Aurora, Colorado, movie theater earlier this month, the accused gunman sent a journal—replete with detailed drawings of his plans for the deadly assault—to a University of Colorado psychiatrist who he was seeing. The fact that the Aurora shooting suspect was in touch with a medical professional is an indication that he fits the profile of a spree killer. Typically mentally disturbed individuals, spree killers most often plan their attacks and, as a rule, generally tell someone about their plans—in many cases, a mental health professional. Unfortunately, federal and state budget cuts mean that individuals with mental illness will find that help is increasingly harder to come by.
Between 2009 and 2011, states cumulatively cut more than $1.8 billion from their budgets for mental health services, according to a report released in 2011 by the National Alliance on Mental Illness. At least two-thirds of states significantly slashed spending for services for children and adults living with mental illness.
or same report @

I got it, the last two majors have been involved stolen firearms, but the number of people who have been committed be it voluntarily or involuntarily is absent from NICS background checks.

This isn't about taking your rights, or someone telling you can't have, and your foolish if you interpret this as such. The OP asks if the freaking mentally ill should be able to own a firearm. The answer is no, but we aren't checking.
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