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Back from a nice few days off from work...

Monday involved no heavy lifting. I strictly ironed out some technique issues on squat and bench. The grip I was using for squat just wasn't quite right, so I re-read some parts of SS and watched one of Rip's platform videos over on the website. My squat form is now pretty darn good, in my opinion.

I had a rather glaring issue with arm position on bench, which was probably part of my progress woes. got that worked out.

Tonight I went back to the trusty 3x5 and managed 300 for squat. It felt pretty good.

I've reset Bench to 135x3x5 to give it some time to recover and also to really lock in my corrected form. I'll increase it by 5 lbs. til it slows down and then attempt microloading.

Overall, I am a bit sorry to leave the Texas Method. I liked the variety, and it does work, but given my work schedule and other obligations I can't do it properly. I also was probably just not quite ready for it. the SS advanced novice program should fit the bill a little better.
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