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CZ 452 ZKM .17HMR report (pics)

Scored a gift certificate to the local outdoor range, decided a nice quiet day at the bench would be nice after all the Christmas festivities had passed.
I used my CZ 452, this one has the European style stock with the Schnabel forend and sporter weight barrel.
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These are pretty nicely built rifles. I had always thought so, since finding this one on a used rack at a typically overpriced shop. This one was actually priced pretty low, given it's almost new condition, so I jumped on it.
The Euro style stock has more drop at the comb than classic styled American rifles. I was concerned it might present some issue when combined with tallish scope mounts (needed to clear rear sight), but in both benched and offhand shooting, no complaints. Length of pull feels right and cheek weld isn't compromised using the scope.

I finally took some pics to illustrate the nice grained walnut and general machine work on this gun;

Underside of bolt
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receiver/wood fit
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The worst machine marks on the gun, still not bad...

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