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Originally Posted by OhioGlockMan View Post
and also it seems like way too much hassle to load 357 sig with the extra steps and precautions u need to take, just a shame
Yeah, sounds like a lot of extra work and hassle to me. I'm sticking with my 40 S&W barrel. I can get 175gr cast lead SWC locally for about $40/500, and there's never any shortage or premium for 40 S&W range brass. And I can load using my standard 40/10mm dies. I'm surprised more people don't go this route for plinking loads. My G20 cycles these just fine, even with the 22lb recoil spring. Run at 1000-1050fps with a standard primer and Bullseye, they smoke a little bit, but they are pretty good out to 25yds for training drills. Plus, I don't really care if I lose a few pieces of short and weak brass at the range.

Another benefit of having the 40 S&W barrel is for ammo shortages. It could be the difference between having a useful, reliable pistol, or a paperweight if you can't get 10mm ammo. There's lots and lots of 40 S&W out there, and plenty of brass and bullets.
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