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When I first got my Browning Buckmark (Ironically, I purchased it because the salesman told me they feed everything and seldom ever have a problem) I had so many ****ing jams with it and light strikes that I used to frustratingly hold it downrange for a few seconds when I got a light strike with any ammo. When a live round failed to fire and then wouldn't eject from the chamber, I was livid. I bent the guide rod trying to field strip the damn thing, and got a new guide rod. But now it works a lot better...just light strikes with some ammo, but whatever, it's a target gun.

Worse I've ever shot? When I first got into shooting I purchased a Sig Sauer 9mm that was buttery smooth, unfathomably reliable, yadda yadda. Then somebody offered me to shoot their Colt 1911. Okay. It was huge, clunky, cold, ugly (to me) and jammed every 3 shots. I wondered, "why the hell would anybody buy a 1911 for so much money, when a Glock or Sig is way more reliable and way cheaper?"
I bought my Sig for $650, the guy was trying to sell his jamming Colt for something like $1300....

I did end up buying a Colt 1911 a couple of years back though and it's been great, except for some hang-ups every so often after each mag. Very reliable gun but wouldn't trust it as much as my Glocks or Sigs.
"Learning to shoot with a Glock is like learning to drive with a car with a smashed windshield and two flat tires."
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