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Originally Posted by ctfireman View Post
ISSC M22 (glock look alike) total junk. Also the taurus 709 slim, ran ok but horrendous trigger.My buddy's sigma is no fun to shoot.
Originally Posted by smokin762 View Post
What problems did you have with your M22?

I have one and have had great luck with it. After I read from the manufacture, the feed ramp may need light polishing, and followed their advice mine will eat anything.

After playing around with my M22, I discovered it will accept Glock sights. I have a set of G19 sights on it right now.
There will be some guns on here that people will say "I never had an issue with it" and it will be totally true. All our experiences are different. I knew a few people who had issues with the M22 and it mainly had to do with the ammo which is be frustrating problem for many with different guns.

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