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Ok the two worst guns I ever bought were both taurus products. I fell into the ad campaign of getting more gun then I should have with a pt1911. It was my second gun i ever purchased and sounded like a baby rattle. Yeah I should have known better but was stupid and young. That gun would fire anything but in a random direction and even off of a ransom rest would make a 1 foot group at 20 feet.

My second tauri that i hated was a 9 shot 22 revolver. I forget the model but it was a 90 something or other. Pretty gun and the first time around the cylinder it was stupid accurate. But after you ran the first 9 through the cylinder would hang up, get stuck and or fail to advance. Trigger would turn into a 20 lb pull at least and the thing that made me get rid of it was when it double fired off of the crane and pelted my dad with bits of bullet fragment. He ended up with a hole in his support hand on his thumb and a pretty good cut on the back of his hand. Taurus didn't believe my story but I sent it in after which they said it was fine and I promptly sold it for a loss with full disclosure to a lgs. He ended up being ok but I felt guilty so I bought him one of those loaded remington 1911's that came out a few years ago. I hate taurus and warn everybody that i know about them now.
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