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Less lethal ammo trouble

At least, I think I've narrowed it down to this as the culprit.

As most of you folks know, I'm the armorer here. I've had reports of, and personally witnessed, problems feeding shotgun ammo into the magazine tube. I got to thinking about it tonight, after receiving yet another complaint about a gun which works flawlessly upon inspection.

The issue with feeding in the tube happens only with "Super Sock" less lethal ammo (from CTS). We run these guns during qualification, with no issue on using slug or buckshot. The crap we have to use for quals now is the "enviro-safe, green" crap that patterns like a blind guy throwing a mud pie at a wall at anything beyond 15 yards.

Anyway, it loads fine. When we gear up for outside events, such as a funeral escort or such, hot ammo is also used (Federal slug and buck). Loads fine - never a report of a malfunction.

When I conduct my quarterly inspections, the dummy rounds provided by Remington work fine. The latest gun I worked on tonight cycled three complete mag tubes full without issue. Yet, I've seen the gun not load after putting in four rounds of the Super Sock less lethal.

And no, it's not mag springs. They're all the new extended ones, just replaced every single one last year.

If anyone has heard anything, or experienced similar results using this ammo, let me know. We have over 70 rounds of the stuff, and it's our "go-to" load for a problem inmate. If I determine that it's causing feed/load issues, we won't HAVE any ammo - I refuse to allow stuff like that in my guns, especially when I'm in a stack prepping to make entry, and rely on that gun. Of course, that'll make command staff's eye bug out; means replacing the entire stock of less lethal ammo.


Of course, I just took shotgun #4 out of service tonight. This one had a BIG dent on the hammer, creating not only a dent on the hammer face, but a burr on the side of it, as well. That, and the magazine detent ball on the barrel ring was pushing through the ring. Not good, either. Maybe they'll eventually give me money to buy parts. At least one of those shotguns has been out of service for over a year.
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