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Originally Posted by cciman View Post
Race engine, that is a different story-- I'm seriously considering this for my LS engine, my only concern is clumping, and dispersion, ie caking into a corner or galley crevice, or blocking oil flow somewhere- which I think was a problem with teflon additives. I am already running Mobil1 15w50. Certainly the paste I can use on the brake pins.

Dissolving the powder into a volatile liquid (hydrophobic is best) before pouring into the crankcase (to get it into the oil) is a great idea. Now what volatile liquid won't react or breakdown the engine oil?
I dissolved about 1/2 ounce of the powder into a half quart or so of Mobil 1 5w30 that had sat in the sun for a while. It wasn't perfect, but I've had no problems.
A cam lifter is probably the engine component with the tightest tolerances, and none of my lifters have shown any problems- there have been no symptoms of any problems since I did the engine early this year.
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