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Originally Posted by janice6 View Post
Good God, go for it. It has tremendous possibilities.
Originally Posted by G30SF/F-250 View Post
It's only metal, you can do anything you want with it.

Cut the beams, jack them up, weld extensions in or block underneath.
What these guys said..
Seriously, if you can get it for a price that agrees with you, then go for it.

Do you have a problem with the exterior appearance?
Add a facade to make it look any way you wish.
Did you ever notice, almost every modern conventionally-styled house has fake shutters flanking the windows?
They do nothing, they're only added to make the facade look a little less plain box-like and they form a significant portion of the house's "face".

With some creativity that garage you referenced could be styled to give it a more interesting overall form.
Hire a young, hungry architect if needed for ideas.

Perhaps add a multi-level deck on one side..

Interior? I would assume it has some columns, or perhaps it's clear-span. Either way, the interior can be whatever you wish.

The property appears to be so nice that you shouldn't let it get away from you.
Go for it.
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