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New to Glocks

Hey all, long time lurker, just signed up for an account. Have a lot more time on my hands having just retired from the Army.
I admit I was one of those guys who though Glocks were the ugliest things ever invented. Being raised with traditional guns around the house (Rem 700s, Revolvers, Pump Shotguns), I never felt a need to even look at Glocks. My first pistol I bought was an XDm .40, I traded that in for a Walther PPS 9mm. Now retired from the military I am taking a serious look at Glocks for target shooting, home defense and CCW. Right now I am looking at a 32 and a 19. I am intrigued by the .357 Sig and will probably veer towards that caliber despite the cost because it is something differant. I have this strange feeling once I get bit, I will be collecting also.
Looking forward to being here for a long time.
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