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I probably took for granted what I know about this situation. The mention of companies like "Monsanto" is on the right track. The DNR based their directive on the concept that an animal is "feral" based on phenotype. This concept is not logical. The definition of Feral is based wholly on incaptivity, not based on a description or appearance! Some of us wonder if the larger purpose of this directive has nothing to do with invasive species problems or agricultural losses (wild hogs are not a serious problem here in Michigan), but to bring the GMO piggies to market. There is more to this, I'm sure. Hopefully, we'll find out in the process. I think some of you all have a good suspicion of what's going on here. I'll give you my opinion; it's got nothing to do with biological health or diseases of animals...I think Mark is doing us a favor by questioning authority when decisions are made by that authority, are not based on logic.
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