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Wow, I've had and have a lot of the guns mentioned without a problem.

I had long wanted a Beretta 951 "Brigadeer". A couple of decades ago a bunch of Egyptian made, on Beretta machinery, showed up, they were Milsurps. A couple of my friends got them and I thought they were great but it took me a while to order one from Southern Ohio Gun. Their SGN ad said "Milsurp" so I ordered.

It was not milsurp it had cheezy blued finish, had never been fired. The grips were warped and had a 1/4" gap at the back the proved to pinch the shooting hand in a delightful manner to remind you that the gun had gone off. This was appreciated because there was rarely evidence of the fact on a 10 yard target.

When I initially stripped it for a pre-shoot inspection and lube, I banged the upturned frame on the table and got enough filings and dust to build a "Baby Browning .25".

Once I figured out that it had about a 250 yd zero (uncorrectable with the sights) and I drifted the rear sight to the right as far as I could, I was able to aim at the knee of a B-27 target and shoot fairly tight groups in the throat area, I could even make some of them 3-shot groups before feedway stoppage or a stovepipe gave me a chance to practice my clearing technique. I never had the patience to try much HP ammo in it.
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